Medical Malpractice Insurance for Medical Practitioners

Bespoke Professional Indemnity and Fidelity Guarantee Policy for Medical Practitioners

In the constantly changing world of healthcare, it’s crucial for doctors and medical practitioners to have secure medical malpractice insurance. We offer specialised professional indemnity insurance for medical professionals, providing secure coverage against possible liabilities. Understanding the specific challenges that the medical community faces, our policies aim to give peace of mind.


What do we offer?

World leading re-insurance

We are very pleased to have received the support of the world’s largest 2 reinsurers, Munich Re and Swiss Re in respect of this innovative claims made product.

Cover for all practitioners (allied and specialists)

Any practitioner registered with the AHPCSA, HPCSA or SANC will be able to apply for cover.

Competitive premiums and individual risk rating

We offer individually risk-rated premiums according to the practitioner’s clinical risk profile.


We offer the choice of different limits of indemnity. The minimum limit available is R1,000,000 and the maximum limit is R50,000,000. For practitioners who require higher aggregate cover we can offer them the option of a re-instatement.

Excess Options

We provide our practitioners with 3 excess options with premium savings for higher excesses. The option of a nil excess is also available.

Retroactive cover

As we are offering a Claims Made insurance policy, subject to the underwriter’s approval, retroactive cover can be offered at the inception of the policy thus ensuring a seamless transition between claims made Insurers. Retroactive cover is not needed for those practitioners moving from an occurrence basis to a claims made basis.

Extended Reporting Period (ERP)

Practitioners will receive a staggered ERP dependent on the length of time that they hold uninterrupted cover with us. For practitioners that have been insured through us for a period of 36 consecutive months or more, a 60 month ERP will apply.

Additional Extended Reporting Period (AERP)

Practitioners who feel that the automatic 60-month ERP is not sufficient may, at Underwriters discretion, purchase an Additional Extended Reporting Period (AERP) once the automatic ERP term has ended. The AERP is an extension to the policy and practitioners may contribute towards this extension over the policy term.


  • Access to Genoa’s minimum health record keeping
  • Access to Genoa’s informed consent form template
  • Access to a CPD portal which includes both ethics and clinical CPD
  • An easy online claims notification and tracking portal
  • Access to psychologists to assist with the trauma associated with a claim
  • Access to the country’s top Med-Mal legal practitioners


    As Genoa's footprint in the liability space continues to grow from strength to strength, we thought we would share with you why more and more brokers are choosing to work with us as their partner of choice:

    Our Underwriters are committed to providing our clients with superior turnaround times when issuing quotations and schedules of cover

    Our underwriters are experts in their respective fields and are able to offer our clients technical advice which helps empower them to secure an account

    We have strong working relationships with the top re-insurers in the country including Munich Re and Swiss Re who support all of our Professional Indemnity products

    Through strategic reinsurance partnerships we are able to offer competitive market premiums

    Our policies include a number of meaningful extensions that offer true value to our thousands of Insured clients

    Our Insured Practitioners are represented by the top law firms in the country, including firms like Clyde & Co, Garlicke & Bousfield, Mac Robert Attorneys, Norton Rose Fulbright and Webber Wentzel


    In-house legal and medical team support

    Genoa practitioners will receive specialty support from our in-house legal and medical team to assist our clients with best practice management.

    Legal representation for all medical related claims

    We will provide legal representation for all medical-related claims whether it’s billing enquiries with the HPCSA or negligent-related matters.

    24/7 Medico-legal support line

    Genoa Practitioners will have access to highly experienced advisers who are continually available to assist with any medico-legal queries, and/or psychological challenges following a complaint or an investigation.

    Legal Practitioners

    Genoa practitioners will have access to the top medical malpractice legal firms in SA:
    • Clyde & Co
    • Garlicke & Bousfield
    • MacRobert Attorneys
    • Malatji Kanyane Attorney
    • Norton Rose Fulbright
    • Webber Wentzel

    Quick and efficient claims resolution

    The quick and efficient resolution of valid medical malpractice insurance claims and the rigorous defense against vexatious claimants. The use of mediation and other alternative dispute resolution techniques in order to reduce costs.

    Need this cover?

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