Your Place Of Safety In An Uncertain World

At Genoa, we understand the value of having a trusted insurance underwriting partner to help you in managing your risk. We strive to always keep our clients’ needs at the forefront of our products, allowing them to focus on their professional obligations.

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Your Place Of Safety In An Uncertain World

At Genoa, we understand the value of having a trusted insurance underwriting partner to help you in managing your risk. We strive to always keep our clients’ needs at the forefront of our products, allowing them to focus on their professional obligations.



Genoa Underwriting Managers are a niche-market Liability Specialist who prides ourselves on offering innovative insurance solutions to our
well-established client base.


We practice a strict policy of selectivity and believe in avoiding a cross-subsidisation of premiums between high, medium and low risk clients.


In so doing, Genoa is able to sustain a sizeable pool of resources from past profits and low claim levels, which ultimately results in competitive premiums for our clients.


We pride ourselves on the speedy resolution of claims in order to allow our clients to continue with their business uninhibited by a long drawn out claims processes.




We as Kern Insurance Solutions have worked with Genoa for the past couple of years and we have had exceptional service from them. They provide professional, prompt and friendly service and their advice over the years has proven to be consistently reliable.

Kern Insurance Solutions

Genoa is professional, efficient and knowledgeable. They offer good value for money.

They offer good advice and are flexible.

A Weinberg & Co

We are proud to be associated with GENOA and feel privileged to have them as a business partner.  They are passionate about adding value to their clients, they always provide efficient, speedy and awesome service, whether in the underwriting- or claims stage.  What also impresses us about them is that they are very meticulous in their underwriting process, always making sure that they understand the risk fully before providing an appropriate, BUT still competitive premium.

They are a team of extremely professional, passionate, experienced individuals, all specialists in their field and it is a pleasure to deal with them.  We are excited to continue a long lasting relationship with GENOA and are confident that our clients are safe in their hands.


Genoa and their staff have been a pleasure to work with thus far. Apart from the excellent product they provide, their ongoing service and support has been commendable to say the least. They are always very transparent with their communication, which makes dealing with them, as well as clients a lot easier. I look forward to many more successful years working together.

Sutherland Bell

I have been in a very fortunate position of developing a sound relationship with Genoa.  Their dedication and support relating to any business discussions are phenomenal.

Genoa attention to detail and prompt turnaround times are consistent.   Genoa is client centric and a solution driven organization.  The feedback from existing professionals when engaging with Genoa, is:  Always an exceptional experience.

The management are innovative, creative and visionary.  Any business enquiry, challenge or opportunity is always addressed promptly and effectively.

Genoa always walks an extra mile it’s a pleasure dealing with them.

MC De Villiers Brokers

Since the launch of MedMal, I have received nothing short of impeccable service from Genoa, with all queries and paperwork being attended to more efficiently and promptly than I have ever experienced before. The staff I deal with are knowledgeable and more importantly, extremely compassionate and fair in their dealings with my clients and their individual situations. They are a dedicated, hard-working team who strive to ensure a sustainable offering, whilst at the same time allowing competitive rates, terms and product flexibility. Their individual and team work ethic inspires confidence which allows me to feel secure in placing my Clients with Genoa.

Shackleton Risk Management

Excellent service. Genreally drs will request insurance quotations after they already need the cover and only Pravashnie and team can deliver under these circumstance. Reliable underwriters, great premiums, and more importantly great service for me and my clients.


The Vulindlela Team unanimously rank Genoa Underwriting Managers at the top of the list when it comes to professionalism and overall knowledge of Malpractice cover. Pravashnie Pillay, Michael John Darmant and Brad Beira are always available to assist and to give insight into events aimed at growing our clientele. Their support during the strenuous lockdown rules were commendable and we appreciate their efforts. Consistency is another key factor Genoa represents as they always respond timeously to new business proposals.  The comprehensive service that they provide to customers and brokers is excellent and we are looking forward to doing business with their company for many commodity growths to come!

Vulindlela Financial Services


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