Third-Party Impersonation Fraud Cover

This cover protects the Insured against the loss of money transferred from the insured’s own account as a result of a fraudulent instruction (via e-mail, telephone or facsimile), communicated to an Employee of the Insured, by a person alleging to be the Insured’s client, or an Authorised Person to a transaction being acted upon by the Insured.

The Excess payable varies based on whether the Insured has “Verified” in terms of the Policy Wording. Traditionally limits of up to R5 000 000 are selected however higher limits may be sourced on request.

The Insured may elect to take out cover in one of 3 ways:

  • Blanket Basis – this covers all staff members who hold a valid employment contract.
  • Named Positions Basis – this covers staff in various positions within the organisation, e.g. accountants, bookkeepers etc.
  • Named Persons Basis – this covers specific staff within the firm.


The above is meant to be a summary of the cover and at all times the terms and conditions contained in the Policy Wording and Schedule of Cover will take preference should a conflict arise.

Terms and Conditions apply.