“The Takaful Way”

Takaful derived from the Arabic root word “Kafala” meaning mutual guarantee, is a principle based on mutual co-operation, responsibility, assurance, protection and assistance between groups of participants. 

Genoa Underwriting Managers is now offering a modern day and exciting tailor-made claims made Shariah compliant MPI product through Safire Insurance Company Limited (“the Takaful Provider”) for our Muslim clients.

With years of niche professional indemnity insurance knowledge and experience, Genoa was able find a compatible solution with definitive insurance protection while keeping within the Shariah framework.

No matter what medical discipline you are registered for, at Genoa we have a Takaful product which can be adapted to suit your insurance needs and affordability without compromising the Shariah principles.

For further information please contact Genoa Underwriting Managers or a broker near you.