Misappropriation of Trust Fund Insurance for Attorneys, Liquidators and Fiduciary Practitioners

Misappropriation of Trust Funds Insurance

Also known as MTF Insurance, Misappropriation of Trust Fund (MTF) Insurance protects our clients against thefts from their Trust Fund account (Attorneys), theft from a 394(1)(A) current account (Liquidators) or theft from a 3rd party trust account (Fiduciary Practitioners – Executors, Curators and Trustees (of Trusts)) by a Director or employee of the firm who holds a valid contract of employment.

The bespoke Genoa Misappropriation of Trust Fund Insurance policy provides broad cover for theft and misappropriation by any principal or employee of trust money.

Our competitively priced Misappropriation of Trust Fund Insurance covers our clients in one of three ways:

  • Blanket Basis: Covering your firm for all staff members who hold contracts of employment.
  • Named Positions Basis: Covering only specific employees in your firm (e.g.: accountants, computer technicians, personal assistants, etc.)
  • Named Persons Basis: Covering specific people within your firm.

Genoa clients enjoy speciality support from our in-house legal team who assist with best practice management of their operations. We offer bespoke insurance policies which, subject to the retroactive date contained in the policy, provide effective cover that is triggered when a claim is made during the policy period – regardless of when the alleged wrongful act occurred.

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